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NEW VdbRemesh modifier plugin for 3dsMax by Polydesign3D

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VdbRemesh is a C++ based Multi-threaded, openvdb based remeshing modifier plugin for 3dsMax.

It comes with a procedural filter stack that has 10 filters ready to be applied in any order.

Since it is a volume based modifier, it works much different than the traditional surface modifiers.

Since it is a procedural modifier, you can add more than one vdb remesh to an object with different settings.

It produces only quads if the adaptivity setting is zero.

It can be used to

  • smooth the edges of hard surface cad models.
  • post-process 3d scans for removing the unwanted holes, smoothing out the surface.
  • generate a smooth high poly model from a low-poly
  • generate a nice proxy mesh for a high poly model
  • generate low-poly clean mesh for a bake operation.
  • generate closed 3d printable meshes from regular surface meshes
  • explore new 3d forms without the restriction of topology
  • make the surface topology uniform, ready for a sculpt or a simulation
  • generate non-intersecting shell operation

It can be used with

  • PolyCloth: Use VdbRemesh to make an object's surface topology uniform, ready for a nice polycloth experience.
  • PolyDamage: Use VdbRemesh to further smooth the damaged areas, thus having better shading and a cleaner normal map bake
  • PolyDetail: Use VdbRemesh to combine all of the polydetail strokes, thus creating 3d printable, non-intersecting, closed clean meshes.
  • RockGenerator: Use VdbRemesh to combine multiple rock objects into a single one.


  • Voxel size: for changing the resolution of the final mesh.
  • IsoValue: to determine where the surface will be generated.
  • Adaptivity: removes all unnecessary polygons and reduces the polycount significantly. It only adds more resolution where needed.
  • Smoothness: lets you apply smoothing to the final volume.
  • Combine elements: It combines all of the elements of the input mesh as a single closed mesh. To remesh each element individually, disable this setting.
  • Use Smoothing Groups: It enables the smoothing groups so the surface does not look faceted.
  • Smooth Normals: It is a custom algorithm to further smooth the surface by explicitly defining each normal.
  • Filter Stack: A procedural filter stack that you can add/remove filters in any order.
  • Filters: There are 5 different smoothing algorithms (Laplacian, Gaussian, Mean, Mean Curvature, Median), 2 morphological erode/dilate filters, 3 custom additional filters(Open, Close, Thickness)

VdbRemesh can work on both open surfaces (add a dilate filter) and closed meshes.

Youtube trailer: https://youtu.be/fXBYCQ2psog

Cgtrader page: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/scripts-plugins/modelling/vdbremesh-for-3dsmax

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