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[$PAID] Looking for 2D artist to develop characters/backgrounds for humorous superhero visual novel

Hi everyone!

We’re a team of two developers hiring an artist for our humorous superhero visual novel (in Ren'Py). I’ve been a freelance comedy writer for the past five years, and my partner is a producer at a mid-size video game studio.

We’re looking for an artist to help define our game’s visual style and subsequently create production art (~6 characters + backgrounds, if possible). Ideally, we want to find a great collaborator instead of somebody who wants to take orders. We're ready to give wide creative freedom on this project so we can create a visual novel that looks different than the thousands of anime-style VNs out in the market.

A little bit about us: We met while interning at Game Informer and have been making games together since. We’ve shipped six games between the two of us, with over 300,000 cumulative views on Newgrounds to date. These include Ridiculous Text Adventures, Sidekicks Never Win, Worthless Dirt Boys, and more.

Our reference deck is available below. If you think you might be a good fit, please reach out: [email protected].


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