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Joint limit of 75 on Oculus Quest 2 build?

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I have been working with rigging and animation for VR projects for almost a year now, and one thing that has been a major problem in the past is the joint limit of 75 on the Android ES 3.1 build that the Oculus Quest 2 uses, or at least the team uses that.

The way we have worked around that has been to separate hands, head/face and body into three separate skeletal meshes, hoping that they will stay together throughout a sequence, and it has worked so far, but it's just horrible to work with, and I highly doubt I could use live link that way either.

A joint limit of 75 may have made sense for Android builds back in 2014, but in 2022, this is just obnoxious. Unless Epic has miraculously released an update that allows the usual 256 joint count since our last Unreal project, I have not found any way to up the limit other than someone posting a Github link that doesn't work. Uh, thanks?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Not sure how you are going to get around that if it's based on a 32 bit hardware / os limitation. What's the issue with splitting up the mesh? If the border vertex weights match exactly, should be fine, no? You might be able to work on a single mesh and have a script split it up during export.

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