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Selling perpetual Zbrush license

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benmerrick3d polycounter lvl 10

Good morning,

I hope this is allowed on here (I didn't notice any rules not allowing). If there is any issue please let me know

I have a perpetual single usr Zbrush license 2018-current for sale- due to my career changing direction I thought it would be best to sell it to someone else at a discount, $790 (12% discount).

I bought it through the official Zbrush website and I live in the UK (I don’t know if that makes a difference?).

If anybody is interested please reply to this thread and send me a message.

Thank you for your time


  • Eric Chadwick

    We generally don't like "for sale" clutter around here, as it's kind of a drag for members to deal with a bunch of ads.

    But we're cool with the occasional one here and there as long as it's from an active long-standing member.

    You've not been active for a few years now, so this is borderline and could just disappear.

    Buyer beware, license transfer is up to the software maker, and Maxon has certain limits and a chunky fee... https://www.maxon.net/en/legal/license-transfer

  • benmerrick3d
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    benmerrick3d polycounter lvl 10

    Thanks for the message. I fully appreciate the gap between posts. Please do feel free to remove this post if you want to, I understand.

    Thanks for the info too

    Kind regards

  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro polycounter

    a piece of advice, if youre selling to a professional individual, its proly cheaper for them to get it full price from the source since they can invoice it as business expenses, thus recovering some money\tax write off, when it comes to buying stuff from an individual, unless you provide an invoice\proof of commercial transaction it wont happen, wich means they cant count that expense as work related.

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