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[PAID] New Virtual Youtuber 3D model

Hello, My name is webemez and I am a virtual youtuber. I stream with a persona of a pink magical girl ref here.

I was looking into getting a new 3d model of the same character I was looking for:

A low poly that looks like this (I really like the pixel coloring on lowpoly its sooo cute)


or a model that looks like this (Still looks 2d but 3d the shading is soo cute~! It looks just like the original 2d model!!)

If anyone would like to make one of these for me please DM/Email me your rates and some examples.

I would like to have the ARkit for face tracking and be able to use full-body tracking in the future for my streams!

You will be credited on my website for making the new model once it debuts, You will be in my information/about tabs on youtube and twitch.

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