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Good place to search for 3D artist jobs?

Hi, I am about to overhaul my portfolio so I can start job searching. I am going to avoid working for big AAA studios like Blizzard, Take-Two, Ubisoft etc, (for personal reasons) and I am switching from Maya to Blender as its seems to be a better tool for modeling specifically and (possible discontinuation of Maya LT) so I won't fit tools requirements for most big companies. More so I just like to know what are full-time job possibilities outside of games and movies? Sites like LinkedIn or Zip recruiter seem to not have very many jobs for a 3D artist and if they do, they usually have absurd requirements for entry level work. Ideally Id like to find a job that lets me work remotely as I can't afford rent so let me know if that's likely or not. Where do you guys usually look?


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