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What's with all these NFT proposals?

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SgtHK triangle

I've gotten at least 5 people emailing me about doing the "next big" NFT project over the last 4 weeks. I don't really care much about NFTs. The only reason why I mint my artwork as NFTs is to do so before someone else rips them off and sells them as their own NFTs. (actually someone already has with my most recent artwork).

Has anybody else gotten these kinds of emails?


  • Neox
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    Neox hero character


    and the shit offers get worse and worse... at first I just turned them down nicely, now that its so many i ignore them. to some special cases i feel like i should answer what i actually think about their trash money grab attempt...

    but now my question is, how do you think mintin is preventing anything? everyone can download your images and mint them elsewhere. the only thing you mint is a token, its not like that token will copyprotect your work in any way.

    you claim you have the original, they will claim they have the original but in the end, its all copies as its just digital data, not the raw data on the original medium. just because you own the original doesnt prevent anyone from selling copies, as nfts, as posters, printed on ugly ass tshirts or coffee mugs. how will it prevent any of that?

  • SnowInChina
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    SnowInChina interpolator

    i dont get it either

    beeple sold his NFTs for a shitton of money, but i mean, he at least did it in a cool way, delivering cool art and premium packaging & product, good for him

    but now everyone wants to make quick cash by selling trash art to idiots and even publishers are jumping on the hypetrain with the next iteration of micro transactions in form of NFTs

  • SgtHK
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    SgtHK triangle

    I don't know the answer to all those questions. What I know is that I don't want to just sit on my ass while some random no-name guy rips off my art as their own token. By minting my own artwork, what I'm trying to say to people is: Look here's the original art, coming from the original author. Here's also my ArtStation, Behance, DeviantArt, etc, where I first posted them online. If you want NFTs that are actually worth something, buy the one that's minted by me, the original author, not from some random no-name creep from a black hole somewhere.

    It's really all I can do.

    It's the same thing with signing my name on every one of my artwork. I can't stop people from just using the Photoshop spot healing brush to erase my name, claim it as their own, and print it off as a t-shirt somewhere. But I sign my name nonetheless.

  • Neox
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    Neox hero character

    but just because some rando minted some random art (if yours or others doesnt matter) doesnt give it value. sounded like you want to mint to protect something from happening. if you intend to trade your own nfts then okay i see the point.

    but this will not prevent art theft, its just a new tool/market to make it happen, but those faux copies will not gain any traction because they are just the same as fake merchandize. if significant amounts of money are being shifted around, get a lawyer. no idea how copyright laws work where you live, but in europe and the us they exist, if someone makes real money with my work, i'd just go after them, you dont need a patent or registered trademark to apply copyright laws

  • poopipe
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    poopipe high dynamic range

    If you see it as similar to signing your art then it makes sense to me.

    If you figure you can make some cash trading NFTs then that also makes sense.

    In terms of protection I think Eric has nailed it

  • Firebert
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    Firebert polycounter lvl 12

    Has anybody here worked with Victor Chaos yet? Seems legit.

  • R3D
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    R3D interpolator
  • kanga
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    kanga sublime tool

    When I was a product design student we learned that patent pending cost 10,000 bucks AUS for world wide application. The guy from the patent office told us that Taiwan didn't recognize patents (kinda handy for them as they were considered the number 1 knockoff location at that time). The advice from the patent office guy was get in quick, make a killing and then get out as fast as possible. That sounds like this coupled with the art investment world's fascination with a first off.

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