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3D Scanning a Specular Map?

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Sveng polycounter lvl 5

Hello Everyone,

I recently digged a lot into 3D Scanning and PBR Material scanning and was very curious about all those "Material Scanner" but I never found out if you can actually scan a specular map. Everything is usally a Normal with diffuse and maybe translucency. The only Scanner I found were they claim to be able to scan everything was here https://www.muravision.com/ but this looks a lot out of my Budget. I want to create more of a DIY version like this one I found in a old Substance Blog (https://store.substance3d.com/blog/your-smartphone-material-scanner)

So does anyone have a clue what to do to capture Specular maps or is it more a guess which you create afterwards by hand and hope that it meets the real attributes.




  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter

    I do all of my spec maps by processing height /depth and color values. With minimal manual input. Not sure having it accurately scanned is much of an improvement over simple guess . Considering you neverthrless have to match spec values with game render engine. PBR implementations are not perfectly same everywhere whatever they say.

  • Sveng
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    Sveng polycounter lvl 5

    Thanks. Makes a lot of sense, I guess that will be the way I will do it too. Still curious if you can scan it and how ^^

  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    You need a lab and a very fancy machine to get anything accurate and even then the results aren't a lot of use to you.

    if you need a weird material thats not on the standard reference sheets you can convert IOR (often easier to find) to an rgb value using a formula (sebastien legarde published one when he put out the ref sheets we all use)

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