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Rendering Overlapping Model Pieces

Hi, I hope I can explain my question correctly. I am trying to render out images of individual pieces of my model, importing them into photoshop and doing some post-processing on the different pieces, and compositing them together in photoshop. But when importing into photoshop the individual pieces don't read properly. Do I need to bake the textures and model?

See image for reference. You can see how the helmet is in front of the gun when the helmet should be sitting on the gun. I am trying to have interchangeable pieces of the model with different textures.

Thanks for your help!


  • EarthQuake

    This is the result that I would expect in this case. The helmet is both in front of and behind the gun, so if you render them separately they won't be able to stack in the way you're hoping for. You may need to manually edit the layer mask to reveal the gun where you want it to be seen. You may be able to render an object ID render pass (additional render passes can be added in the render object) to assist in creating a suitable mask.

    You also will not get shadows, reflections, etc between the various objects. Generally, I would recommend rendering multiple shots of the scene with the objects configured in the manner that you like, rather than rendering the objects separately and trying to composite them in post.

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