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Portfolio Critique Request

Hello, I just finished my environment art portfolio after a long time working on it. I would love some feedback or advice from you guys before I start applying for jobs https://www.artstation.com/dimitriskart Thank you!


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky

    Hey there!

    For Rose In, I think your building looks great, but my eyes are drawn to the mountains and the trees, which both either look rushed or not quite polished enough. The tree leaf cards are pretty obviously flat and their quality don't match to the building.

    The old mansion looks awesome. I think, for the couch, the diamond shapes are pretty stretched. Obviously you were going for that, but the circular button looks stretched too which looks quite odd. That's kind of my only critique of it though.

    All in all, you look pretty ready to start applying for jobs.

  • sacboi
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    sacboi polycount lvl 666

    Yeah, inn scene is compositionally a bit unbalanced by your juxtaposed placement of it's primary elements I.e.. both foreground biulding & background alpine peaks which tended to draw my eye upward. There's an artistic term that describes this visual conflicting perception, though atm it ecapes me, anyhow something to be mindful of.

    Otherwise, as Asher noted I agree you're more than ready too begin applying for roles - good luck.

  • dimitriskart

    Thanks for your feedback, I fixed the stretched buttons and made some other minor changes to the mansion scene, like improving the wood beam textures but I removed the other environment until I remake the trees at least. I plan to follow a tutorial on speedtree for that.

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