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Issue with Output bakes

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I don't suppose there's a way around this...? I have an issue where, if I select my output path, and save my bakes, and then decide to delete the bake files and re-bake, the preview bake just puts the old/previous bake files back on the model. I don't understand how or why it does this. How can it restore the old bake files if I've manually deleted them from their folder...? o_O Where is it pulling them from? I've since updated my low poly, and a UV has been changed, but it's still putting an old Normal map on from my last bake, which has the old UV.



  • EarthQuake

    The baked images my still be resident in video memory. Make sure to update the preview material to reference the new files on disk. You can do this manually by editing the material or by pressing the [P] button in the baker to update the material

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