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FBX not importing into 3ds Max correctly

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I'm having some issues in 3ds Max at the moment, really not sure what it is because this has never happened before.

I modelled some low polys in 3ds Max, export these, took them into Zbrush to sculpt my high polys then exported these high polys as an fbx as I usually would, all fine.

But when I try to import these high polys into my 3ds Max file (where I have my low polys) they import as the low poly models, but rotated 90 degrees?? And they replace the original low poly model (even though it's not select and doesn't have the same name or anything) 😭

The high polys open perfectly fine in their own 3ds Max files, but for some reason won't import correctly into my file.

I work this way all the time and they usually import fine but I don't know what I'm missing or what I've done wrong 😅

I've tried exporting the high polys from 3ds Max after opening them in their own file, but the same happens

Would really appreciate any help if anyone's had this issue before!

Edit: the same happens if I open a high poly in its own 3ds Max file (all fine) but when I try to import the low poly it imports as the high poly, again rotated 90 degrees and replacing the high poly) 😭

This also only seems to happen to some models. I can import my bed hp perfectly fine but not my armchair hp, though they were exported and imported the exact same way


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