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Photogrammetry Character

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Fuzzlelord polycounter lvl 3

I've done a few examples of real-time groom and some photogrammetry work before, but on the advice of a friend I am going to post my most recent work here. I am attempting to create a realistic games ready character using a couple of bits of scan data. This first post will contain pictures of the scan data as well as a breakdown of the head of the model in question. The following posts will contain updates as I work on the body.

Here are a couple of reference photos I used for the Photogrammetry proccess aswell as the outcome.

Seen here is the result of a couple of weeks work on my part. The mesh itself is about 49k tris and contains four 4k texture maps. The model and hair cards were created in Blender and the textures were generated in Substance Painter and Designer. The model was rendered in Unreal Engine with materials created by me, save the hair which used the Digital Human material set.

Any critique welcome.


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master
    Recommend studying example projects to have some reference/benchmark.
    Probably more achievable to transfer the details of high quality scans to your custom meshes (still can use scanning to capture the base shape for reference).

    Depends on what you want to spend your time on :) Much success :+1:
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    Fuzzlelord polycounter lvl 3

    Just a quick update. I've been brushing up on my Substance Designer skills since I last posted and have re-worked the eyes for the bust. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, however I have been unable to create the refraction effect created from the Cornea. Any tips on how I might acheive that effect, or any general feed back is more the welcome.

    Screenshots from unreal

    Substance Graph

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