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How to bake Normals from camera (maya or blender)

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Fbink polycounter lvl 5
Hey everyone, i trying to understand how its possible made in maya or blender. So what i found is only camera mapping. But this technique awaible only for color (diffuse). 


  • pior
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    pior godlike master sticky
    Projecting an image from the vector of an object (camera or otherwise) is absolutely not limited to diffuse. You can project anything you want (likely through an extra UV channel), and then pipe it as a bump effect. I have no idea about Maya, but in Blender at least it will then bake down just fine as tangent normal information.

    Worst case scenario you can also simply project the detail as black and white information, and later convert the baked down version of it to fine normalmap detail as a 2d post process.

    Last but not least if the detail you want to project is something like a label/sticker, it is easier to bypass the camera mapping approach altogether and just create the needed UVs in a new channel.
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