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Looking for skills for a 3rd Person Action/Thriller, Post Apocalyptic theme game.

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Impact Studios

Looking For:  
  • Game Programmer (C++ / BP) | UE4
  • 3D Games Character Artist (Art Style - Realistc)
  • 3D Gameplay Animator
  • VFX Artist | UE4
  • UI/UX Artist | UE4

Our Talent:
Our team's consist of 0 coders and 1 Environment/Level Artists (me), a sound/music writer and 3 Props Artists. Average age in the team is 23.

Project: We are working on a 3rd Person action/thriller game called Un-Bright | Lost Brother with realistic graphics. Its a post apocalyptic theme game carried out by a simple but interesting story to the game. The game is going to have one level, mid sized, high fidelity graphics.

  • We are using UE4 4.26.2 for the development of the game.
  • For project management we are using ClickUp.
  • For source control we are using GitHub.

The main goal of this project is to level up in our Skills and ship a Polished game.

Length Of project:
Current estimation, 1 year. The game is planned to be released on Steam and Itch.io.

Split %:
This is for now UNPAID work, if any revenue is to be generated will be split according to the job done on the project.

Contact Method:
If this sounds interesting please DM me on discord @mashOnoid#2962, I will invite you to our project's discord where you can see more about the project and our team in detail and then you can decided whether to join the team.

Note - Joining the discord wont mean you are joining the team. The server is setup in a way that anyone and everyone can come an take a look at the project.


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