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Mecha JRPG - Artists needed!

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Salutations! I am a Game Design student looking for artistic talent for my final Degree project, called "type.KION"



On a visit to the world's most hotspot of innovation and technology you will find yourself enrolled at the KION University, a school that teaches people with potential on how to summon and control powerful robots named KIONs. You decide to enter in the school’s yearly tournament, but first you will need a team of the most talented individuals you can find. Explore this city, find new friends, and become the school’s best KION team.


Common Questions 


What is the game? 

A Turn-based Strategy RPG where you learn to control your newly acquired ability to summon and control a mech to stop the corruption within your university and conquer the yearly school tournament.


Style frame of battle UI

Why create this game? 

In recent years, the Mecha genre has become more niche and homogeneous in terms of game genre. By adding a playful twist and focusing on the original core appeal of mecha stories (like character drama), I hope to better represent this story genre to a wider audience.

Where does the game take place? 

The game takes place on Alpha island, one of the many islands that make up KION City. This is the island where the KION University is located and people from all over the world are invited here to hone their talent

What do I control? 

You will be controlling a player avatar with the unique power to change the shape of their KION, the extent of which will depend on the amount of connections you have formed with other KION users


Overworld sections style frame

How many characters do I control? 

When in the overworld you will be controlling your avatar. During battles you will manipulate the 3 KION fighters you chose to take to that fight, or use them to command their KIONs

What is the main focus? 

The core of the game is on delivering an immersive role playing experience with an engaging story. This is especially so in regards to the main cast, which will serve as the connecting threads between the story, exploration and combat

What’s different? 

Strategy RPGs tend to be targeted towards a more hardcore audience who want to engage with the complex systems presented in the game. For type.KION, the aim is a more casual role playing experience that can easy people into the genre and get through the stigma of the mecha genre

How long is the Game?

Around 2-4 hours on average.

As for the artists needed, I am looking for the following roles:

Concept Artists (Characters and Environments)

2D Character Artists

3D Modelers

FX Artists (Especially those with experience in Niagara and/or Houdini)

3D Animators

UI Designer

Game/System Designers

I also welcome any and every mecha/JRPG fan that would like to participate in the project in anyway.

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