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Suggestions? - Working with 3D, History, and Research

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FredCM polycounter lvl 7

I'm currently working as a 3D hard surface artist, and I've been making models for games and VR mainly. Also, I really like realism, History (especially when it comes to Military History), and I also love the researching process: from gathering references to finding precise information about dimensions, aging, the tools used to produce the real object, the history behind it, usage, and so on.

So, based on the above characteristics (realism, History, researching, and detailing) I'd like you guys and girls to suggest to me which fields of 3D Art and maybe which companies (if you already know some) I could fit in.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the 3D visualization of artifacts and historical pieces in general for museums projects. I'm still looking for companies that make this kind of work, and any suggestions of companies or related fields are more than well-come.

I'm also considering other types of 3D Artwork that don't necessarily involve History but demands a higher level of research, accuracy, and details. As an example, I saw a video of a team that produces photorealistic prothesis for injured people. I also know of some folks in my country that 3D printed a perfect shell for a tortoise (that has lost it due to a forest fire). These are some of the things I would also love to work with as well.

So, I was wondering if there are any other similar fields that I may be neglecting, and I'd appreciate any suggestions on this matter. It shouldn't be a problem if I have to improve or learn new skills or software. I'm open to any suggestions related to 3D digital art :)


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    Meloncov greentooth
    I know the various studios working on Assasin's Creed take historical research seriously.

    You might also want to look into academic labs doing various types of 3D visualization. There's one here in Champaign that works on visualizing astronomical phenomena, there are probably some focused on historical reconstruction.
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