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[PAID] Develop game in Unity Project Tiny

We are looking for Unity specialist familiar with Unity Project Tiny (https://unity.com/solutions/instant-games)

Our task is to develop browser soccer-like game using Unity DOTS Runtime & Project Tiny.
The game will be available on mobile devices only, so desktop version is not required.

Game logic (see attached file as reference):
- task is to hit the goal
- hit is from fixed point in middle-bottom of the screen
- we choose hit force and direction with the tap
- there is a goalkeeper at the goal
- there are 2 players running between hit point and the goal
- popup after the hit with result
- 2 extra screens (prize, game finish)

It must be possible to load dynamyc images inside game as players wear and ads on background (images will be provided during game initialization on page load in HTML/JS).

We will provide full game mechanics description and 3d models with Sceleton animation from Blender.

Full infomation will be provided to sescted worker.

- Unity 3D Experience
- Unity DOTS Runtime Experience
- Unity Project Tiny Experience

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