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Texture artifacts on mesh edges in UE4

Heya ! 

I'm losing my mind over this asset I'm trying to render in UE. I tried doing it a few months ago, and gave up since nothing I tried fixed the issue.
I even had another thread and people helped a great deal, some of the solutions made it a little better, but most of the artifacts are still there.

I redid my texture using a triangulated asset, set substance painter project to directx from the get-go.
I made sure my assets were at the right scale, not too small not too big.
I imported the assets with "full prcesion UVs" checked in the UE import window.

None of that does the job. I've been tackling my models and textures for so long that I don't know anymore :') It looks great in marmoset toolbag, that's the weird part. I can't pinpoint what's messing it up in UE.

EDIT : I'm using UDIMs, so virtual textures are enabled in UE. Also, raytracing is enabled.

Unreal Engine screenshot, see on the edges how the texture have that grayish outline ? 

Marmoset Toolbag screenshots, working as intended.

If you can help me, you're my hero. 


  • cmdrDsig
    So turns out it was the simplest thing... At first I casually used the UE_Packed preset to export my textures from substance painter, which created artifacts. I don't know why or how, don't ask me :')

    I packed the maps myself in photoshop and it works fine now.
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