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3DS Max - Using two uv sets to blend tiled materials and non tiled?

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jack4607 polycounter lvl 8

I'm trying to figure out how to set up a material in 3dsmax that does the following:

1) Has 4 tiling materials (with base colour, normal, roughness, and metallic maps) that use tiling UVs in UV Channel 1
2) Has another material that is a colour image that sets the colour for those tiled textures (so if I have a tiling grey texture but this colour map is green it will turn the underlying tiled material green) and this material uses the UVs in UV Channel 2
3) if possible the non-tiling one will also support an AO map but I'm not too worried about this

As a note, I'm hoping to use this material in the Arnold Renderer however if that isn't possible once I've got the material working ill figure out something else.

If anyone here has experience with both Max and ARMA 3, what I'm trying to set up here is basically a Multi-Material in ARMA 3.

If anyone can give any help or pointers in the right direction it would be massively appreciated. Thanks.


  • jack4607
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    jack4607 polycounter lvl 8
    Managed to find a way to do this in at least a basic form by using a subobject material with the 4 tileable materials plugged into it and then using a blend material with the overlay one and applying that blend material to the mesh then setting the material IDs still worked. 
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