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[Maya] Help and resources for MASH game-ready foliage workflow

Hi all.

I am investigating MASH proceduralism for my game-ready foliage workflow. 

I am completely new to MASH, but can't really find a tutorial example that covers the things I'm trying to do here.

Currently, I am trying to use a MASH Network to distribute masked thorn cards along with a vine mesh. I know all the parameters I want to control, but I'm struggling to figure how to set them up properly.

My goals are:

  • Thorns should be scattered semi-randomly over the mesh surface

  • Thorns should all be oriented in the same direction relative to the mesh (point of the thorn facing towards the root end of the vine)

  • Thorn Y-axis orientation should be the same as the vine mesh surface normal

  • Thorns should be scattered more densely towards the root end of the vine and more sparsely towards the tip.

  • Thorns should be larger at the root end and get smaller towards the tip of the vine.

(defining an alpha to control parameters depending on distance along the vine is a key thing I'm trying to figure out)

https://i.imgur.com/VlvQx25.png Screenshot of the meshes and cards in question

Any help or links to relevant resources would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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