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Welcome to my foray into 3D! My goal with this project was to learn all the basics of environment art for games, and in that sense, I consider it a success. 90% of the models, textures, and materials are my own creation, and while I now understand that was probably the wrong way to go about a first project, It does make me feel like I'm ready to move on to more advanced work.

I'm hoping you guys can give me lots of pointers on what could be improved for my next project. I'm a long way from AAA, but I wonder in which ways that's most obvious. Some things (like the wires) are clear even to me, and I now understand why it's important to do a high-poly - low-poly bake, but I wonder if it's worth the time fixing up this scene to AAA quality when my time could be better spent on a new project with all the lessons I've learned?

Anyhow, I'm excited to see what you guys have to say!

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