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(Paid) Senior Level Designer

Your role will be to craft the game environment, with a focus on creating explorer bases, tribal villages and geographical points of interest. You will use strong composition and layout skills to create interesting and immersive areas for players to explore, balancing the need for photorealstic visuals with gameplay requirements. Working in collaboration with the 3D prop team, you will integrate new assets into the world, from buildings, to trees and rocks. You will take areas of landscapes that have been procedural generated and turn them into artistic focal points for key events and arenas in the game.

Skills & Requirements
 - Experience with UE4, including working with shaders (especially landscape shaders) and world composition
 - Understanding of art fundamentals: composition, lighting, color theory etc
- Heightmap generation and editing tools, primarily World Machine (Gaea and World Creator also useful)
- 3D modelling techniques and best practices - Speed Tree Helpful

Write us at [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you
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