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Blotch everywhere

Hi, I'm new to Unreal, but have some notion about lighting (some tutorials watched) I've recently done an archvis scene which the static lights are as blotchy as they could be upon the surfaces. I'm gonna try to list everything I've done so far:
- Put static spotlights, portals, skylight, directional stationary, box reflection cap.s
- I've set the 5 classical params from 'world settings' to 0.5, 10, 10, 2, 1.5
- I've set properly every lightmap UVs in the correct UV coordinate and set the engine to not compress the maps.
- The lightmaps are overriden to minimum 128.
- There are a few random objects quite right (without a noticeable blotch).
Here are the images. Can sdy tell me what could be happening? Thx!

And this is one of the lightmaps of one of the problematic objects:

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