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[UE5] DOOM Hell Priest Realtime Fan Art Finished

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Jesse Irvin polycounter lvl 11
Excited to share this with the polycount community. This piece has been visualized in UE5 with lumen as support fr lighting along with some nanite used with megascans content to build the backdrop for the mars scenes I'll be posting later. I learned a lot dealing with the shading and am certainly feeling more adventurous now that I have a better understanding. My previous work only wet my appetite. 

The model is built and detailed in Zbrush along with the hard surface. Some may was used to clean retopo some of the hard surface along with zmodeler and zremesher. The Game rez was built in Maya.

The texturing and baking was done in Substance 3D Painter where I took advantage of anchors, generators and tiling maps to build up my material layers.

I'll post more images in a follow up reply soon but you can see more at full rez on my artstation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QreOG8 as well as some work in progress in the links there. The original concept was from DOOM eternal and done by Alex Palma


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