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2nd channel UV mapping for fur

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Ottomotto polycounter lvl 5
I'm trying to think of a way to UV map fur cards so I can use the body diffuse texture to tint the colour of the cards. I have an idea of how it would look in uv space. The cards UV's would be squashed vertically so its just a line, and each card is placed in uv space in the same location where the cards root is on the body in 3d space. Thats as best as i can explain it, maybe this might help better illustrate. 
 the red marks are what the uvs for the cards would look like. This should let the cards take the colour from where they are rooted in the albedo. Only problem is it would take a prohibitively long amount of time to do these uvs, especially lining uv the location of the cards on the body and where they should go on the uvs. Is there any way to automate this? some sort of uv transfer or way to project from the body mesh?


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