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[WIP] [UE4] Stylized Ancient City

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Hi everyone! I've started working on a long-term project again, and decided I might as well take the time to document it. Might give me extra incentive every now and again to work on it if I can see my progress over time. (Plus, I love looking through WIP threads—so cool to see the result compared to the first post!) 

Here is the piece that has inspired this project! Quick link to Artstation here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXVELQ
I've gone back and forth between wanting to re-create this scene as close as possible, to using it as very loose inspiration, but I've ultimately decided on a mix of both. My goal is to use this as inspiration, but change things up like structure/layout to better transform the project towards what I want to focus on. (For example: adding a water duct that leads into the lake from an external wall, or something of the sort) 

Overall, my goals are to improve my building modeling & process with layout (modularity is a HUGE focus here, especially in working down what looks like a million buildings into repeats of the same dozen or so), work on my trim sheets & texturing overall (really going to focus on leaning towards a Smite/Immortals Fenyx Rising look), and try out something new such as painting a custom skybox. 

This is what I have so far for the initial blockout! I've been working on this project on and off over the last week, and have a majority of the buildings modelled out. Planning on finishing the rest of those as well as the walls/foundation bits and additional railings, and then hashing out more or less a "final" blockout, before seeing where to go & adjust from there. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! Any and all feedback/comments/suggestions as I go about this project would be much appreciated!  =)


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    Block out seems to match the concept well! I would say look at how much screen space is given to the water in your blockout though, it's much more than the concept leaving less room for showing off the building details and causing the bridge to seem closer than it probably should. 
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