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3D Artist or Animator, Japanese Army, UE4, MOD Project for Squad Game

Hello everyone!

We, an international Team from the US, Europe and Japan, are searching for 3D Artists around intermediate skill level (or higher if you’re that good :-P ).

What we do:

We are creating the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force as a playable Faction for the Game Squad (https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/). This is a Mod Project, so we are doing this in our free time without payment. The Game is Using Version 4.23.2 of the Unreal Engine.

What we need:

We are still looking for 3D Artists to create some assets for us:

-          Type 10 Tank

-          Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

-          Mitsubishi F2 Multirole Attack Aircraft

-          Player / Soldier Model with Combat Gear

-          Type 06 Rifle Grenade

-          Panzerfaust 3 Anti-Tank Weapon system

-          Environmental Art for the Japan Based Maps

-          Foliage Art for the Maps

As you can Imagine we are also looking for People with some experience in Character and / or vehicle Animation within Unreal Engine. The game has existing animations, but we need to mod / map those to the new assets.

What we can give you:

We are a quite mixed Team of Unreal Experts, 3D Artists, Sound Artists, Industry Professionals, Modders, Mappers and Coders, our main goal is to have fun and LEARN from each other, so we are all treating this as a big improvement and learning experience and it’s a blast so far.

I said there will be no pay but there might be one, (which totally cannot be guaranteed!). The Development studio of the Main Game tends to buy up well-made mods for reasonable courses so if were lucky there might be pay (no guarantee!). However, were not in it for the money, were in it for the fun.


If you feel like hanging out with us and making some assets, please join our Discord to apply there in the official channel.

Join the Discord here:


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