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Photocamera critiques please

polycounter lvl 2
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solitudevibes polycounter lvl 2
Hi and thank you for your reply.

What can i do better?

Could this model be a game asset?


  • Commiesaur
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    Commiesaur triangle
    Looks really good to me as a prop overall, maybe some of the edge wear is a little too uniform especially around the top piece(most noticeable I think in your last screenshot). To be a game asset outside UE5's fancy infinite polycount workflow I think it would need lots polycount optimization. For example that really heavy polycount internal area before the lens might need to be baked on to a low poly.

    The glass lens material also seems like it could use improvement, it's a kindof empty brown that doesn't really convey the deep glassyness of most lens.
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