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Modern Time Combat Walker/Mech

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a while ago I started a new project for my portfolio. 
For this I wanted to design and build a modern day combat walker (aka mech) and place it on a small diorama base. 

The mech should be based of current day military technology and style (think of a mech version of a Leopard 2 or an Abrams).
I used modern military tanks and verhicles as reference for the design (mostly german verhicles, as I know them best), but also helicopters like the Apache. 

I finished the low and high poly already and are now starting with the texturing process. 

Attached are screenshots of the high poly, wireframe and a first texture pass. 

If you have any feedback on the design, the textures or anything else, feel free to share it (I designed it very modular, so I have no problem to go back to the high/low poly and change something)

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