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Seeking 3D artist to sculpt / create medically accurate human anatomy models

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Hello to the ever inspiring artist community. May this message find you all more than well.

I am seeking 3D artists interested in human anatomy with a strong background in 3D digital sculpting and modelling; ideally with some experience in 3D printing also.

I am a clinical anatomist and are eager to contract an artist to sculpt/create a female and male body with all the relevant internal and external structures. I can provide endless guidance and references given my own background, having taught medical anatomy to surgeons and medical students for over ten years.

The goal is the create two models, female and male, with a high level of detail, surface sculpting and accuracy. 

As an educator who has spent a career in the anatomy industry I am baffled as to why there are not more reliable, complete sources for this sort of material. 3D4 Medical, Zygote, Visible Body etc all have either missing structures, inaccuracies and or charge obscene amounts for what they they offer.

I am open to negotiating price and timeframe however, am eager to see what we can achieve together. As an educator I am more interested in educating the world rather than making a quick buck so please feel free to get in touch if this sounds like your kind of project.

with kind regards and gratitude,

[email protected]
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