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[FEEDBACK] Junior Portfolio Review

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3dWar polygon
Hello everyone!
I´m a 3D student and I would love to hear some feedbacks and critiques of my portfolio. The point is to improve and reach a job as a junior 3d artist.
Thank you very much.



  • rexo12
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    rexo12 polycounter lvl 4
    Solid work!

    Some stuff about presentation perhaps. I think you should unify the order and manner in which things are presented. 

    I think you are including too much in your presentations. There are dozens of images for a single piece and yet only a few of them are really distinct. Only include the most important and impactful aspects of the piece, so as not to fatigue your viewer. Personally - and this may just be me - I don't want the first thing I see to be a video. I would like something that captures the broad strokes of the piece - like a diorama or action shot.

    A rule of thumb i use for information hierarchy is the 3-30-300 distribution. I should be able to get broad strokes in 3 seconds, understand a little bit more in 30, and understand everything in 300. At the moment, Everything sits at the 300 level and there's not really anything to help me get there. It is tiring to see 3 videos in a row just of skin variants when that could be a single image. It can be useful to stitch together individual renders into a single image, so that viewers can quickly scroll through your post (3 seconds), and then study individual detailed components later (30 seconds).

    I think your Destiny 2 piece does this best, but it could really even be just 4 images. I.e:
    Excuse the quick notes. Also, your thumbnail should show basically the same thing as your first image - as in a broad quick 3 second showcase of the entire piece. At the moment, it's a "300 seconds" shot.

    This also may just be me, but i dislike these kinds of shots:
    They seem to have a split, unclear purpose, as if it's trying to both show detailed closeups *and* the entire context of the scene, and failing to do either. For this shot especially, the whole thing is leading my eye into the big black space on the right, rather than the model itself.

    For guns particularly, these kind of shots destroy the scale and make it seem like some enormous toy. This is very noticeable on your Beretta model. It can be worth pulling the camera out and/or increasing the focal length for any detail shots you want to do.

    These are some pieces from around Artstation that I think do their information hierarchy well:

    (note in particular how we get lovely close shots of the pistol without destroying the sense of proportion)

    There is a lot less redundancy in the set of images (even then I think they could be pruned a little bit), and every image has a distinct, considered and valuable purpose to it.

    All that said I think there's decent work here, and It just needs that bit of extra care in those kinds of presentation details to really elevate it. Prune your pieces a little, and keep up the good work.
  • 3dWar
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    3dWar polygon
    @rexo12 thank you a lot for your comments and for the time you took in your corrections, I really appreciate it. I will take a look at the presentations of my models, I knew something was wrong with them, thank you!
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