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Rigging a Zbrush Sculpt in Blender for posing. Help.

Hi guys, so, here is the thing. I have sculpted a 3d model of a creature on Zbrush, and finished it up at around 9 mil polys. My idea was to pose this creature on Blender, with a normal armature and then using "parent with automatic weights".

Of course i know that it´s impossible to rig with 9 mil polys, but still, i already tried with decimation and even zremeshing inside zbrush and then decimating on blender and had no success. The thing is that unless i have a super low poly count (which makes the model look like crap) once i try to set parent with automatic weights i get the " Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution" and of course the posing doesn´t work (mesh doesn´t move)

I would have stopped trying, but i saw Jama Jurabaev´s blender convention and he explains that he used Blender to pose his dinosaurs, which don´t look super low poly at all.


Does anyone has any idea of how he may have managed to do that? I just want to make a cool looking pose for concept art images, no animation or anything, just still poses.

Thank you!


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