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3DS Max - Chamfer by Crease Weight Issue

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FredCM polycounter lvl 6

I'm having a hard time trying to properly chamfer some edges of my mesh. This is the original mesh:

Those are the only edges I'm trying to chamfer out. The idea is that the chamfer goes narrower on the top and larger on the base.

This is the result:

No matter which Mitering I pick: both Radial and Uniform provide the very same result. And the other types have no support for crease weighting.

The idea is that the edges in red stay the same size as the edges in green, but I can't seem to find a way to do this. Of course, I can delete the faces between the edges in red and the ones in green. Then, I could extrude down the edges in green and close the holes. But I don't want to keep doing something like this for every single chamfer I have.

So, does anyone know how to correctly use the Chamfer modifier for this situation? Or maybe another method or script?
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