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[Partially Paid] 2D artist for hand painted stylized icons / UI work

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I posted this in the Freelancer sub-forum too, but I'm open to a longer term partnership with the right kind of person.

I'm a solo dev working on a project I'm intending to release on PC next year. The game is an action rogue-lite, and the gameplay has been compared to Luftrausers. I can share gameplay videos with serious inquirers.

In terms of style, the gameplay is in low poly 3D style, but I want a warm, vibrant hand painted look for 2D elements, similar to this look:

Production is well underway and I have been covering a lot of bases on my own, but I'm hoping to find the right artist to give things that extra special visual polish.

I can pay you a token amount for now, with some agreement for post release payment later.

The qualities I'm looking for:
- You are more than an anonymous e-mail address
- You have a portfolio of beautiful art work
- You have a track record for reliability and finishing the job
- Ideally you have additional skills in 3D and/or VFX (particle systems)
- Ideally you have the confidence, and experience or aspiration to art direct
- You respect people's time

Please PM with:
- Your art
- Your previous experience (ideally with shipped titles)
- Your whereabouts, timezone and availability
- Expectations, hopes and dreams :)
- How to reach you on Discord


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