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Please sign this petition to force GPU scalpers to sell at MSRP

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As you have all seen, it is really hard to buy a graphics card at MSRP, in fact it is nearly impossible. For the reason that scalpers are going out and buying out the MSRP GPU market and reselling it third party for 3 or 4 times the average value. With this new RTX Technology which supports native ‘in card’ raytracing that gives enormous power into the workflow of CGI work and game creation; this technology is and its power is immense for some of these high end cards at affordable MSRP. Which is extremely fun and cool to have. And it seems that the fastest way to affording one is through a petition to force these third-party sellers, known as 'scalpers' to sell at MSRP, same for anyone selling anything that is used which would force it below that and open up the hoard of a market that is being kept from so many including myself. It is not fair to the consumer and it is not fair to the developers of this GPU technology that scalpers should be allowed to do this to the GPU market. So, I started this petition. I would be very grateful, if everyone would sign it and get as many others to sign the petition as they can. I would really like to be able to purchase graphics cards with ease at MSRP and I hope you do to. Here is the link to the petition. We need 10,000 signatures to force the American government to address it and 100,000 signatures to force it into debate into Congress. http://chng.it/RWp42VmWCs


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz quad damage
    Most governments already have anti-hoarding laws, but they're normally only used during times of crisis for essential goods.
    Even if one government decided to do something about scalpers for luxury goods companies would likely just move most of their product shipments to other countries where they sold faster.

    The only good solution is for demand to go down, and that wont happen unless crypto becomes unprofitable or GPU manufacturers offer better alternatives for miners.
  • sacboi
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    sacboi polycount lvl 666
    "The only good solution is for demand to go down, and that wont happen unless crypto becomes unprofitable or GPU manufacturers offer better alternatives for miners."

    Or...the semiconductor supply chain, starts rolling again which won't happen for another 12mths, presumably?!
  • EarthQuake
    Joe Biden has top men working on this. Top men.
  • poopipe
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    poopipe high dynamic range
    I would but I got a 3080 at RRP last year so I don't care.

    Also it's pointless 
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Crypto has been taking a huge dump for a while. That should get people uninterested for a bit, and allow non-miners to get some nice gpus?

    I don't think a petition for gov't to limit the price of something would work, at all.
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d sublime tool
    Also, I just don't understand this trend that I'm always seeing where there's this utmost NEED to upgrade to a current gen GPU that badly... (obviously said people are confusing needs with wants)

    It'd take less than a few more months for crypto to further be less interesting, scalpers to fuck off/sell closer to MSRP, and for vendors to stock up.

    Unless you have a dead GPU and need a replacement I guess - but you could still craigslist/kijiji/facebook marketplace a last gen gpu? 1x series are still champion cards minus rtx features.

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage
    Do you really think politician care that you cant afford a video card  or any other goods in that matter :)  lolz  [Last time i heard 40 mil americans ware homeless ? how many are drug addicts ?]
    And if you want something so bad why are you waiting on resellers go to manufacturer , I have done this with other good there are some willing to sell single unit of whatever you need If they dont they usually sell 10 -100 units so instead of whining make an order If market is so thirsty you are going to make profit out of it

    That's why we live in the shit hole world instead of thinking and solving problems and go along living your life , everyone  is whining and run to big daddy politician to save them , didnt you get this ppl are not there to make your life easier or solve any major problem exactly the opposite

    Enough reality for one day !

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter
    nobody wanted to sign my petition to nuke the jew space lasers so i'm not gonna sign this one
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