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[Finished] Mount & Blade: Bannerlord - Shokuho Blacksmith Props

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I figured since it was the first of the month I could finally share some of the work I did for the Shokuho Mod for Mount & Blade. I took on the task of creating some props for the Blacksmithing section of the game. Because the mod is focused around Feudal Japan during the Edo period I had to research some props (which were pretty much inspired by some of the tools you would see in Ghost of Tsushima at Komatsu Forge.) 

it was a pretty tough challenge trying to make everything look decent while fitting everything within just 2 map sets considering it was around 37 assets all together. But I still had fun making this, though I think it could be a lot better.. regardless I think when it was implemented into the game engine it fit the style of Bannerlord very well and that made me really happy.

I'd really appreciate any feedback! this was my first actual asset pack that I made entirely from scratch. Got a lot to learn still.
Here's my artstation link for this project: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aYqNa8

**I actually went back and changed up some of the textures because they had poor visuals, I ended up redoing most of my renders so those are posted below.


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    Updated Textures and some Wireframes. Figured some of these props could be very low in poly count because they are simply background noise for town/village scenes. Overall I'm very pleased with the new look for the textures and I think once I build the whole Blacksmith shop for the mod I will include all these assets + the shop, in game to be seen here in a new post. 

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