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[Leartes&Dekogon Challenge] Post Apocalyptic Scene WIP

Joining Leartes and Dekogon Post Apocalyptic Real-Time Environment Art Challenge !!.


For the challenge I am planning to make a gateway that has been blocked due to some kind of apocalypse/ zombie virus outbreak, For the concept I took a photo from the place where I currently live and modified it.

In this challenge my goals are:

- to make a good looking piece for my portfolio.

- improve my skills to create foliage (ivy, trees, grass)

- improve my skills on modularity, scene composition and lighting.

- keep the scene optimized in terms of performance.

For Softwares I would be using Blender, Unreal Engine and Substance Suite. Also I may use Tree It for creating the foliage.

Block out and Rough Concept of the scene in Unreal.


  • amalbubble

    This is my MoodBoard for the Challenge:

  • amalbubble
    Most important and Challenging task for me was to create the Palm Trees.Created the Palm Leafs.
    I used Blender Alpha Sculpt Vertex colors to hand paint the leafes and sculpt them. Then exported out the textures for the leaf cards using Grab Doc. I created the Roughness map and did some tweaking in Substance Designer.
    also made Trunk and Stem Material in Designer.

    Used Geometry Nodes to Distribute the leaf cards onto the Stems.
    Used Cloth Sim to get the desired shape for the leafs.

    Vertex Colors: Before doing the Simulation I creted the vertex colors for Wind in Unreal by using the data transfer modifier in Blender similar to this Tutorial - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek9kK6zmMf8&t=5613s.

    This is how it looks now in Engine.

    Sculpted and Painted Grass and baked it.
    Created the Grass Clusters.

  • amalbubble
    Created Material for Damaged Asphalt and Pavement in Substance Designer.
    The Asphalt Material Only Tiles in one direction due to the side drain.
    Made Road Block prop.

    Made trims for use in light pole, electric pole and other steel structures.
    This Is the current state of my Scene.
    Next steps is to make climber vines and damage the Pavement and Planter.

    Thanks for going through my progress. Any critiques on how I can Improve my scene,I would be really thankful.

  • PolyHertz
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    The leafs on that palm tree are awesome. Using cloth simulation to get some variance in their directions was a nice touch. :)
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