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Chinese Girl (Realtime)

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Hi, This Realtime character is entirely made by me based of the concept art of ZHENG HUANG. It tool men 39 days to complete this character. This was my personal project so that's why it took so long.
I have learned so many things in the making process of this character. It took many back and forth tweakings that took most of the time.
I used Texturingxyz maps for skin Texturing and Texturingxyz Displacement Maps for making pore details.
It has all the necessary maps ideal for Realtime rendering. Talking about rendering, i rendered this in EEVEE and planning to render in Marmoset realy soon.
For modeling and sculpting i used Blender and Zbrush. For Retopo i used ZWrap. And for texturing skin i mostly used Mari and for Clothes i used Substance.
Hope you like it. I am planning to post blog about this soon. Thanks.

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