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3D Model (Printable) of Wearable Wing Gundam Proto Zero helmet.

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I've seen some work in places like thingiverse and such, but have yet to see someone make a model of the head that doesn't look a little... off, or with slight inaccuracies. I am looking to pay for a wearable version of the helmet that can be 3D printed on a Creality Ender 3 (likely in parts due to bed size). It is a gift for someone special to me, so accuracy to source material is utterly paramount in this project. 

I will provide more pictures from the buildable kit as well as pictures from box art and official media such as this so that larger details are visible.

I would like for the files to be ready for printing by November 1st, if possible, with a preference to sooner than later. (I know 3D modeling is an art, however, and musn't be rushed.)

I would like for the main part of the helmet to be a base to attach the face, side-fins, and crest as separate parts in case of breakage to allow for easier replacement than reprinting the whole model. 

Final product must be a gcode or STL file (I can convert the latter to the former if necessary).

Price is negotiable. Any further required information will be provided. 

[This is my first post here, I hope I have followed the ruled and guidelines well.]
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