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Help writing my summary and biography?

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Oblivion2500 polycounter lvl 6
I'm updating my resume and summary page from feedback. I'm not very good at talking about what I did or what I do. I'm usually very awkward about saying good things about myself. I got feedback that I should mention more about what I did in school studying 3D digital design. Etc. I really am stuck on this. I could use some help with this. Just short and professional. The same goes for LinkedIn summary/about me page. I'm out of words on how to get help on this. It seems so easy but not for me. 


  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    There's heaps of info around on the best approach to writing stuff like this. I think for our field, it's not as essential though. 9 times out of 10, it's the same word jumble of "passion, work ethic, dedicated" blah blah. And that's not knocking anyone, mine sounds similar. It's really just a bunch of buzzword shlock that HR people like to see. Personally speaking, when I am reviewing an applicant.. I never even look at the resume. Portfolio is all that matters to me and others within management at the company I am with. I wouldn't overthink it, basically.
  • Larry
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    Larry interpolator
    Nobody says it's easy, pal. The problem with schools is that they don't have a lesson for this, but it is an important skill to have. But you learn with experience. I've sent emails with wrong names to companies I liked and did all kinds of stupid things. What I can vaguely say is that you should spend time checking everything about each company individually and write a cover letter of what you think about them. Do not follow google's articles because the HR gets thousand emails, all following that same pattern. I mean yea, it's good to know what to write, but you have to find your own style on this.
    As for Linkedin I've recently written an article which helps you maximize its purpose without having a premium account. You might find some merit in that as well! :)
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