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Hey I'm new here, Would really appreciate some feedback on my WIP :)

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Hey Everyone, Glad to be here amongst the Polycount 3d community. To cut the story short and get into the nitty-gritty details...I'm basically working on a 3d environment in unreal engine to revamp my portfolio. The idea/theme of this environment was to create a Cold War-era bunker with some really moody tones and ambient lighting. At this point, I've hit a wall with lighting and bettering my composition, so I'd really appreciate a fresh set of eyes on this scene. I'm struggling to get some bounce light and lighting variation in the scene. Every time I open up and look at my scene, everything seems flat.  Anyway, if you have any tips or tricks to share on enhancing my scene for lighting, models, anything really...If you have an opinion, please feel free to share it, I'd really appreciate your input! Looking forward to hearing from y'all!  Thanks in advance.


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    This looks really good! I have a couple of suggestions for you:
    • You could add an off-camera source of light in order to brighten up the very foreground - it's quite dark and low-contrast on the left and right of the frame. Even better, introduce some specular highlights in the foreground to draw it out of the background even more. You can use the proximity to the camera to show off a nice material or something, perhaps.
    • The composition lacks a story. It looks like "just another day at the bunker" as opposed to conveying some compelling event, or implying some mystery. You could go for something high-tension, like a "launch the nukes" button with the cover off and the key in the switch, or a phone with a dangling handpiece as if someone has left mid-phone call. Or papers strewn about the place etc. Or mushrooms growing out of the walls or something crazy.
    • If you are able to add particle effects and that is something you want in your portfolio then put some of those in there - dripping water, sparks, smoke, maybe a cigarette resting on the desk still smouldering. Particles are really effective at adding depth to the scene because they can be made to float in mid air, demonstrating the depth and volume of the environment.
    Mainly I think brighten it up, or at least use your dark spaces to introduce some intrigue - some eyes peering out from under the desk perhaps?
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