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[UNITY HDRP] Military Base

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radumitroi polycounter lvl 5
Hey there guys! I see there's not many projects done inside of Unity around here, or at least I haven't seen that many of them. I'd like to share some screenshots from my latest environment done in Unity. It's supposed to be kind of a "portable" (or temporary) military base that the soldiers have set up somewhere in the wood, in the neutral ground.
This environment is more of a showcase scene for this asset library I've made, but I like how it turned out and wanted to share the result!

Critiques are always welcomed!

And here's the assets I've used throughout the environment:


  • CybranM
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    CybranM interpolator
    Looks pretty good but its really weird that there grass isnt trampled, did they move all of that stuff while avoiding to step on any grass?
    The barrels look weirdly weathered/rusty while the rest of the scene is pretty clean.

    With a bit of tweaking this scene could improve a lot I think :smile:
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