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[Finished] Artwork of Inscryption

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Davision3D polycounter
Incryption is a indie game I did a lot of artwork for. It is not yet released but I'm already allowed to share a good chunk of the many assets I was responsible for, this includes items and characters and some other weird things.

Inscryption is a game that blends roguelike deckbuilding, Myst inspired escape room puzzles and quite a lot of weird horror. If you ever had the chance to play Pony Island you might already guess that you are in for a trip. The trailer gives you an idea:

I'm now also available for work again. I made a post on it here: https://polycount.com/discussion/225934/freelance-3d-artist-10-years-industry-experience#latest

Animal Totems

Here is the first batch of the assets I made which are modular animal totems that provide the players animals with various powers.

Each represents a different animal family.

Several aquired totem pieces in the game. A head screws on a body and then provides powers based on the sigil of the body piece.

Here the opponent activates his totem.


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