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Mail Post Box

Something I recently finished up. Concept by Olha Vikhrenko

This was also my first time working with any type of foliage, So I'm thinking of doing something involving more foliage for a next practice model, just to improve on that side of things. 

Any feedback is appreciated, or possibly an idea for a scene. I'm looking into expanding my portfolio in hopes of a prop or environmental artist position :)


  • InvaderRoxas
    Super gorgeous! I love your attention to detail on the texture work, really brings this mailbox to life. The lantern has also the perfect amount of light to not overwhelm the subject, which helps too. I think your next project being focused around foliage would really be a sweet idea, as I think that's your weakest link overall. You've got a great start here, though there's a thin yellow/light green outline around the leaves that sort of breaks the illusion of believability for me. But overall, such a cute prop! You really captured the likeness of the concept for sure. 
  • toxicsludge77
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    toxicsludge77 polycounter lvl 5
    Really great work Max! Love the concrete, but I agree with Invader about the foliage, kinda looks like it has a radioactive 'x-ray' effect. Maybe it's too saturated? Awesome stuff anyway  =)
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