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Dragonfly 'Pixar Style' Character Design

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einnemee node
Hi everyone, I've been learning Maya, Mudbox and Substance Painter for just one month and am now attempting my first character design. I'd love to show you my design process and get some feedback. Don't be afraid to give honest criticism, as I said I am very very new to this so I may be doing everything wrong!

The idea is to create the character, it's house (an upside down flower) and a few props to go with it (i'm thinking a little rucksack with 6 loops to go around each arm made out of leaves)

Initial character design:

Mesh in Maya:

Initial go at sculpting the face in Mudbox, I actually had to bin this one as there were issues with my mesh, but it gives an idea of what I'm thinking:

And for some reason the mesh from Maya imports like this into substance painter, any ideas what went wrong?

I'll keep you posted on my progress, I'll also be posting on my ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B1L54l

Thanks for any comments!


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