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UVs braking in Zbrush from Maya - Displacement map not working like if Uved in Zbrush.

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GarethStandfield polycounter lvl 3
A confusing title but i honestly did not know how to convey what i meant in words too well. 

So i was testing stretched vs cubed uvs for this displacement method but when importing this -

From maya the results end up like this -

But when i use the "Create - UVTile" the results are phenomenally more accurate too what i was wanting but with alot of errors around connecting schemes which is why i rand uved/retopoed. 

Which look like this.

Im not sure how to make my UVs tile like this, its a very specific effect but i wanted the long bits too share a more cubed look not stretch diamonds as the uvs naturally seems to want to end up as. Any way of making a nice inbetween using imported uvs or is this barking up the wrong tree for this sorta cape?
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