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Any tips on making this more realistic? Struggling on this for a while. Thanks!


  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth
    looks plenty realistic too me. Only thing that looks a tad off maybe is the blanket on top of the bed, mainly the side facing the camera. Especially beneath the pillows. Looks hard somehow and blends into the carpet a little bit.
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    GOODGRIEF triangle
    I agree with @JohannesAg, this is looking good so far but a few things stand out to me. The blanket being the main thing. It feels too flat other than the wrinkles on the right hand side, almost like melted ice cream on a plate. The left side facing the camera seems too perfectly draped and the odd crease on the back end. Also you may need more supporting loops at the ends since it looks like smoothing is rounding out the corners (left + right side front corners) when blankets are usually squarely pointed at the ends.

    Overall, great work. The assets themselves look great I especially like the pillows and the lamps. Keep it up!
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