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polycounter lvl 3
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marvinator polycounter lvl 3
Hello everyone. I'm aiming for the job title "3D character artist" for the games industry. I would kindly ask anyone for comments and feedback on my portfolio, either as a whole or any particular thing you noticed.
I'd be interested in knowing whether there are any pieces you would remove, or additional subject matter I should tackle. And if there is any additional information you think a recruiter/developer would like to see.



  • slosh
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    slosh hero character
    I think you are definitely ready for jr roles and maybe some mid level ones too.  The black knight feels like your weakest piece.  While I think your work is solid, none of your pieces really push to AAA.  Most of your human pieces needs work on materials for skin, hair, eyes.  The hair cards on Knight's Bane needs to be pushed to be more realistic...it feels too low poly, flat, and monochromatic.  Cernunnos is your strongest piece IMO.  But again, you have a very good foundation.  Whatever your next piece is, try to focus on making the materials as realistic as possible.
  • marvinator
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    marvinator polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. Those are some aspects I'm hoping to improve in the next project which I'm working on.
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