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Want to self-learn 3d, where to start so that I don't stray away?

 Hello everyone, I've been following 3d for a while and have dabbled a bit for a small projects before but want to get serious and eventually get hired at a studio. Currently I'm 18 but do not think going to art school is a sound idea judging by the tuition fees and fact that I already live near a ton of huge studios.
I don't want to fall into tutorial hell and just want a steady path to follow that with time will get me a portfolio worth showing. I understand this isn't an easy path, but I'm ready for it. 

I'm edging towards being a character artist/hard surface modeler, but understand that with time my interests might change and I might want to become a technical artist or another subset. I fear that bouncing around on youtube tutorials won't get me anywhere, so thought I'd ask here. Thanks! :)


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